Jelena Jensen makes Veronica Rodriguez squirt

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Veronica Rodriguez is getting ready for school and describing how she is going to skip it with her friend. She goes through the steps on how to skip school perfectly, but it did not turn out so perfect because her step mom Jelena Jensen was driving down the street and saw Veronica skipping school standing under a tree waiting for her friend.

Jelena calls Veronica a bitch and then the scene skips to them having sex. I guess Jelena took Veronica home for a punishment of great sex. They kiss and Veronica sucks on Jelena’s tits. Then they get naked and scissor in the vertical scissoring position. Jelena sits down on a chair and Veronica is laying on the floor with her legs spread open in the air.

Then Jelena continues to sit in the chair and she fingers Veronica’s pussy while Veronica’s ass is in the air and her pussy is exposed. Jelena fingers Veronica fast and Veronica squirts everywhere. You can see the cum flying out of Veronica’s pussy dripping down her thighs.

Squirting: 4:13
Vertical Scissor: 3:19

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