Sinn Sage and Skin Diamond tribbing

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Sinn makes the first move and starts kissing and rubbing Skin. Skin tribs her pussy on Sinn’s upper thigh. Sinn lays Skin on the ground and starts tribbing her in the tribbing of the knee position for a bit and then missionary style over Skin’s panties. Nice closeup shots of Sinn’s pussy tribbing hard and fast. Then Sinn starts eating Skin out and fingering her pussy. Then Sinn put Skin’s legs up in the air and puts her clit on Skin’s clit and tribs.

Then Skin eats out Sinn and tribs her from behind, hard. Then Sinn eats out Skin again and fingers her again. After this, Sinn tribs Skin clit to clit. Sinn Sage gets really aggressive in this clip, she spanks Skin’s ass, fingers her really hard, and even chokes her. Sinn is really great in this video.

Body Tribbing: 3:44
Knee Tribbing: 5:32
Missionary: 11:05, 22:12
Doggy Style: 28:57
Standard Tribbing: 34:33

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  1. Sinn sage for me has to be one of the best lesbians around. I LOVE her vids, she is always so erotic and tribs fantastic. don’t think iv seen a bad sinn sage vid yet. beautiful woman!