Young Brazilian girls tribbing while a man watches them

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This clip was recommended by sappheiros, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Young Brazilian lesbians are having sex in front of a man wearing a mask. The two girls are wearing baseball caps and one of the girls is wearing a hat and sunglasses so we cannot see her face at all.

They start the video eating pussy. The lesbian wearing the sunglasses is eating out her partner. Then they switch and the other lesbian eats out the lesbian wearing the sunglasses. After that they start tribbing in the standard tribbing position. The lesbian with the dark brown hair is in control and is on top of the other lesbian.

They bump their pussies together while they trib and rub each other’s pussies from time to time. After they are done tribbing they kiss and the camera pans to the man sitting across from the bed watching them. The man is in pants and a shirt and is wearing a blue latex mask.

Standard Tribbing: 1:18

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