Elexis Monroe and Brandi String Up have sensual sex

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This clip was recommended by Lo, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Brandi String Up and Elexis Monroe are on a first date and are being asked questions about each other, they don’t really answer them because they can’t wait take each other home and have sex. They walk over to the bed and they start to kiss.

Elexis sits on Brandi and softly rides her while they are in their clothes. While Elexis rides Brandi Elexis’s clothes come off leaving her in her bra and panties while she still rides Brandi. Then Elexis bends over and sucks on Brandi’s tits and she slides down Brandi’s body and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position in their panties.

Then Elexis and Brandi rub each other’s pussies for some time, it is very sensual. Then Brandi’s panties come off and Brandi lays on her stomach and Elexis eats and fingers her pussy from behind. Then Elexis lays on her back and Brandi gets on top of her and they trib in the missionary position with Elexis’s panties still on.

Then Elexis’s panties come off and Brandi eats Elexis out. After that they both sit up naked on the bed and rub each other’s pussies. Then Brandi lays down on her back and Elexis eats her out some more and fingers her. Then Elexis tribs Brandi in the standard tribbing position. When they are done tribbing Elexis lays down and Brandi rubs, licks and fingers Elexis’s pussy.

When they are done with the oral sex they talk to the camera people and kiss and then they trib one last time. Elexis gets on top of Brandi and tribs her missionary style while she yells that she wants to fuck Brandi with a strap on.

Riding: 4:50
Knee Tribbing: 7:30
Missionary: 15:24, 32:10
Standard Tribbing: 24:07

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