Lesbians wearing white lingerie tribbing

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A young brunette lesbian who is naked walks up to a couch where white lingerie is set out. She picks up the lingerie and puts it on. She puts on the lingerie piece by piece and puts on white gloves. She walks around the room in her lingerie like she is waiting for someone. Then that someone walks up to her, another young brunette who is also wearing white lingerie.

They sit on the couch together and this new brunette pulls out a glass dildo. She rubs the dildo on the original brunette’s pussy over her panties. Then the original brunette, the one with the pulled back hair, takes off the other brunette’s lingerie and massages her tits with her gloved hands. Then the brunette with the long hair bends over the couch and the pulled back haired brunette sticks the glass dildo in her pussy. She fucks her with it hard and fast.

Then the pulled backed haired lesbian gets on the couch naked and the long haired brunette fucks her pussy with the dildo. Then the long haired lesbian lays on the couch and the other lesbian eats out her pussy and fingers it. Then the lesbian with her haired pulled back mounts the long haired lesbian and they trib in the standard tribbing position, hard.

The lesbian on top tribbing takes the glass dildo and rubs it on the long haired brunette’s nipples and sticks it in her mouth while they are tribbing. Then they stop tribbing and they start masturbating together.

Standard Tribbing: 6:27

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