Non stop lesbian tribbing

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A blonde and a brunette lesbian are standing naked kissing and ready to trib. They jump on the bed together and start tribibng in the standard tribbng position with the blonde in control. Then they start scissoring and they scissor clit to clit and there are some good closeup shots of their clits touching this way. They bump their clits together and you can see their clits stick and peel off each others.

Then the blonde gets back in control and tribs the brunette in the standard tribbing position again. After that the brunette gets up and scissors the blonde’s pussy with her own. The brunette grinds her pussy in the blonde’s. Then the scissoring turns into standard tribbing with the brunette in control. Then they stop tribbing to kiss and go back to scissoring. They scissor their pussies hard and grind their pussies into each others.

Then the brunette sits on the blonde and they trib in the semi reverse cowgirl position. They are a little aggressive with each other when they change tribbing positions, pushing each other down to be the one in control of the tribbing. Then the blonde pushes the brunette down and and they trib in a backwards scissoring position or a semi scissoring semi doggy style position.

Then the blonde gets up and adjusts herself on the brunette and they start scissoring again. They scissor clit to clit with a nice closeup shot. Then the brunette gets up and tribs the blonde in the standard tribbing position. After that the blonde gets up and pushes the brunette down and tribs her in the semi reverse cowgirl position and then switches to tribbing in the standard position.

Then the brunette declares herself the boss and pushes the blonde down and tribs her in the standard position. Then the blonde pulls down the brunette by kissing her and they trib in the tribibng of the knee position for a second before they go back to scissoring clit to clit with many great closeup shots. Then the blonde takes charge and sits on the brunette’s pussy in the standard tribing position and they trib clit to clit this way too.

Then the blonde lays back and they start scissoring again clit to clit. You can see their pussies are all red from tribbing so much for so long. They trib slow and steady for the rest of the video.

Standard Tribbing: 14 seconds, 2:55, 4:53, 11:36, 14:36, 15:40, 17:39, 21:52
Scissoring: 1:32, 3:53, 5:54, 8:34, 9:22, 17:46, 25:20
Doggy Style: 8:34
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 7:42, 14:17
Knee Tribbing: 17:28

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