Minecraft lesbians tribbing

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A Minecraft YouTuber walks into work and sees that the daily script for her YouTube show has not been written. The writer apologizes and asks if she really has to upload a video today or if she can skip a day. The girl is mad and thinks it over. Another girl who works with them gets and idea and brings the YouTuber into a room. The other Mincraft people leave and it’s just the girls.

The brunette Minecraft girl tells the YouTuber she has an idea and that they are going to make a video but they are not going to upload it to YouTube, they are going to upload it somewhere else. The brunette gets the laptop out and puts it by the bed and says they are going to make a film and upload it to Porntube. The YouTuber says she is not doing that and the brunette pushes her on the bed and tells her to do what she wants but they are going to have sex.

The YouTuber agrees to have sex with the brunette and they film it and take off their clothes. They kiss and the brunette eats the Youtuber’s pussy out. They kiss again and the YouTuber returns the favor and eats the brunette out and they 69. The brunette gets up and sits on the Youtuber’s face while her pussy gets eaten some more.

After that the brunette rides the Youtuber’s pussy with her own. They are very wet and sticky. Then the brunette switches positions and rides the Youtuber in the semi reverse cowgirl position. Then the brunette turns around and rides her reverse cowgirl style. Then they spread each other’s legs and trib in a open scissor position. They cum like this and you can see the cum pouring out of their pussies. They end the video with a kiss.

Riding: 3:42
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 4:03
Reverse Cowgirl: 4:17
Open Scissor: 4:20

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