Zoey Holloway and Ella Milano romantically trib fuck

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Ella Milano is not acting lesbian enough to work at a lesbian event so Zoey Holloway breaks her in and shows her the lesbian ropes. Ella is ordered by the event coordinator to kiss Zoey and put her hand up Zoey’s dress. Ella does this and seems to like it. Zoey and Ella head upstairs and they start kissing on the bed. Zoey gets naked and Ella licks her boobs. They kiss and make out and Zoey takes off Ella’s dress and panties and sucks on her pussy.

Then Zoey lays on top of Ella in her panties and tribs her lightly in the missionary position while her panties are still on. Then the clip skips to where their panties are both off and Ella is eating Zoey’s pussy and fingering it. Then they kiss again and Zoey sucks her pussy juices off of Ella’s finger. They spread their legs open and scissor their pussies together. There is a nice closeup above shot of this. After they are done scissoring, Zoey rubs and fingers Ella’s pussy. Ella returns the favor and seems to finger and fist Zoey’s pussy.

After that Zoey lays on top of Ella and they make out and kiss very romantically. Then they start tribbing in the missionary position, this time they are both naked. They start off tribbing slow then pick up speed. Zoey changes positions and tribs Ella in the tribbing of the knee position where she rocks her pussy into Ella’s. After they trib, Zoey rubs Ella’s pussy. They cuddle and look into each other’s eyes while they kiss.

Missionary: 16:42, 28:31
Scissoring: 21:32
Knee Tribbing: 30:50

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