Jada Fire and Michelle Lay tribbing in jeans

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Jada Fire is looking out over the ocean when Michelle Lay comes up behind her and gives her a hug. They are meeting for the first time. Michelle asks Jada if she is cold, Jada says she is and Michelle suggests that they go to her place so Jada can borrow sweater and they can freshen up before dinner time. They go to Michelle’s apartment and look over the balcony at the view. Then they go to Michelle’s room and Michelle gives Jada a shawl. Jada doesn’t want to wear it and she starts coming on to Michelle.

Jada says she rather wear Michelle’s shirt and starts kissing her boobs and touching them. They start kissng and making out on the bed. Jada licks and worships Michelle’s feet before she lifts up Michelle’s shirt and sucks on her tits. They expose their tits to each other and Michelle lays on Jada and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position in their jeans. Then Jada tribs her pussy on Michelle’s thigh while Jada rubs Michelle’s pussy. Then Michelle lays back down on Jada and they trib lightly in their jeans missionary style.

Then Michelle takes off Jada’s jeans and she tribs her boob on Jada’s pussy while Jada’s pink panties are still on. Then Michelle rubs Jada’s pussy through her panties and this makes Jada excitied. Jada gets on top of Michelle and takes off her jeans. Jada rubs Michelle’s pussy through her panties and spanks and kisses her ass cheeks. Then gives Michelle’s pussy a lick and puts her fingers deep inside of Michelle’s pussy and finger fucks her. She licks Michelle’s pussy juices off of her fingers and sits on Michelle’s face.

Michelle moves Jada’s panties to the side and licks and rubs her pussy. Michelle licks and rubs her pussy so good that Jada squirts all over her face. After Jada squirts, Michelle tongue fucks Jada’s pussy. Then Michelle turns around and bends over and Jada fingers her pussy some more. Michelle then turns around on her back and Jada eats her out for the rest of the video.

Squirting: 23:31

Knee Tribbing: 9:55
Body Tribbing: 10:37, 14:12
Missionary: 11:44

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