Syren DeMer and Zoey Holloway tribbing

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Syren DeMer and Zoey Holloway are making out on a bed, feeling each other’s bodies and taking off each other’s clothes. Syren rubs Zoey’s pussy under her skirt while she tribs her pussy on Zoey’s upper thigh, with her panties still on. Then the hug tightly and lightly trib in the tribbing of the knee position, with their clothes still on.

Then Syren gets on top of Zoey and they trib in the missionary position, they are still wearing their clothes. Then Syren sits up and they trib in the standard tribbing position while Syren rubs Zoey’s pussy. They trib hard and fast and Zoey rubs her own clit fast and hard. Then Zoey gets on top of Syren and rubs Syren’s pussy and they start tribbing again in the standard position. Zoey lifts Syren up in her arms and tribs her.

Then Zoey lays down and Syren fingers her pussy while Zoey rubs herself some more. Then Syren lays on her stomach and Zoey gently tribs her from behind and fingers and rubs Syren’s pussy from behind. Then Syren gets naked and tribs Zoey in the standrad tribbing position and then eats her pussy. Then Zoey eats Syren’s pussy out and fingers it at the same time, while Syren rubs her own clit.

Then Zoey gets on top of Syren and tribs her in the missionary position while holding Syren’s leg up a little. There is a closeup shot of their pussies tribbing this way. Then they stop tribbing and Zoey masturbates Syren’s pussy.

Missionary: 5:43, 26:28
Knee Tribbing: 6:34, 8:47, 10:31
Semi Riding: 10:31
Standard Tribbing: 6:57, 17:48
Doggy Style: 13:59

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