Roxy Reynolds and a redhead have sex

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This clip was recommended by chicitythang, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Roxy and her friend workout at the gym. After working out they get horny and Roxy takes her friend back to her house. So they can take care of each other.

Roxy Reynolds and her redheaded friend are working out together. As they work out they feel each other’s big butts over their very tight yoga pants. After they are done working out they head over to Roxy’s house to have sex. Roxy gets on the ottoman on all fours and the redhead pulls down her pants.

The redhead shakes and rubs Roxy’s huge ass. The redhead pours oil on Roxy’s but and massages it into her skin. Then the redhead rubs and licks Roxy’s pussy from behind. She sticks her finger in her pussy and lets Roxy lick her own juices off of her finger. Then they switch places and the redhead is bent over on all fours. Roxy rubs oil on her ass and fingers her pussy from behind.

While Roxy fingers the redhead she also fingers her own pussy at the same time. Roxy is also wearing a wedding ring on her finger, looks like she is engaged or married. The redhead sits on Roxy’s face and Roxy eats her pussy and the redhead rubs Roxy’s pussy while she is getting her own pussy eaten out. Then the redhead gets off her face and Roxy masturbates.

Then the redhead tribs Roxy in the standard tribbing position before they switch to the tribbing of the knee position. The redhead’s pussy is a little higher up then Roxy’s pussy. There are great closeup shots when they are tribbing this way. Roxy rubs and pats both of their pussies while they are tribbing.

Then they stop tribbing and they both start masturbating their pussies at the same time. Then Roxy mounts the redhead, Roxy pours oil on her butt and then she starts tribbing the redhead in the standard tribbing position. The redhead shakes Roxy’s big ass cheeks as they trib. Roxy rubs and fingers the redhead’s pussy while they trib.

Then Roxy gets off the redhead and sucks, rubs and fingers her pussy. Then Roxy squats her pussy over the redhead’s pussy and masturbates. Then Roxy gets on her knees and bends over and the redhead licks and rubs her pussy. At the very end of the video they kiss.

Standard Tribbing: 9:08, 11:35
Knee Tribbing: 9:41

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