Shyla Jennings and Bobbi Starr have sweet sex

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This clip was recommended by Chris, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Shyla Jennings is in the bathroom brushing her teeth. Bobbi Starr is banging on the bathroom door telling her to get out and that she has been in there forever. Shyla takes her time and leaves the bathroom. Bobbi asks Shyla if she is wearing her nightgown, Shyla said she just picked out whatever to wear because her their mom said she could.

I guess Shyla and Bobbi are step sisters. Bobbi gets mad and tells Shyla to take off her nightgown. Shyla walks away into her room and Bobbi follows her. Bobbi tells her to take it off and Shyla refuses. Bobbi pushes Shyla down and tries to take the nightgown off of her. They struggle on the bed and then Bobbi rips the nightgown off Shyla. Shyla is laying on the bed in just her panties and Bobbi says she looks pretty good naked.

Shyla agrees with her and then Bobbi gives her the nightgown back. Shyla says she is fine being naked and Bobbi sits down on the bed next to her. They look at each other and start kissing, it is very slow and romantic. They kiss and make out for a long time then Shyla sucks on Bobbi’s pussy. Then Shyla tribs Bobbi missionary style, they still have their panties on. After that Shyla takes off Bobbi’s panties and she rubs her pussy and eats it some more.

Then Shyla sits on Bobbi’s lap and tribs her softly. Then Bobbi returns the favor and rubs Shyla’s pussy. Bobbi takes off Shyla’s panties and rubs her pussy some more and eats her out and fingers her. Then Shyla gets on top of Bobbi and they trib in the standard tribbing position. They trib hard and fast at times. Then Shyla lays on Bobbi and tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position. They trib like this for the rest of the video.

Missionary: 14:50
Riding: 18:49
Standard Tribbing: 25:15
Knee Tribbing: 26:18

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