Sinn Sage makes Dani Daniels her sex slave

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This clip was recommended by Mr. Bernard Waffalo, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

This just might be the one lads.

Sinn Sage and Dani Daniels start out the video playing cards. Sinn is in a sexy school girl uniform and Dani is wearing shorts and a tank top. While they are playing cards, Sinn looks under the table at Dani’s legs and sees that Dani is cheating by hiding a card up her shorts.

Sinn gets pissed and walks over to Dani, she spanks her bare tit and bends Dani over the table. Sinn spanks Dani’s ass and makes Dani her sex slave. Dani unbuttons Sinn shirt and gives in to Sinn. Sinn takes off Dani’s shorts and gets her in her white panties. Dani is bent over the table and Sinn lightly tribs her doggy style for a few seconds while Dani is in her panties and Sinn is wearing her school girl skirt.

Then Sinn takes off Dani’s panties while she is bent over the table and pushes and spanks Dani’s ass into the table, making Dani hump the table with her pussy. Then Sinn fingers Dani’s pussy from behind, Sinn is very aggressive with Dani, she pulls her hair and strangles her. Then Dani sits up on the table and sucks on Sinn’s tit and bites her nipple. Then Dani lays back down on the table and Sinn eats, fingers and rubs Dani’s pussy.

Sinn takes off the rest of her clothes and her panties and Dani eats Sinn’s pussy out from behind while Sinn stands over Dani’s face. Then Dani lays down on a purple bed thing and Sinn gets on top of her and fingers her pussy. Then Sinn sits on Dani’s face and Dani eats Sinn’s pussy some more. Sinn tribs her pussy on Dani’s face as Dani eats her out.

After that Sinn rubs and finger Dani’s pussy some more. Then Sinn sits her pussy on Dani’s pussy and they trib in the upright missionary position or the Sinn Sage awesome tribbing position. Then Sinn switches to tribbing Dani in the standard tribbing position. They trib and kiss for the rest of the video.

Doggy Style: 5:14
Humping: 6:30
Face Tribbing: 22:23
Missionary: 27:04
Standard Tribbing: 28:50

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