Retro interracial chubby lesbians tribbing

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This is a retro porn clip, one lesbian is black the other is white. They are both chubby, not full blown BBW but they are on the edge and they are both wearing lingerie. The clip starts with them kissing on the couch. The black lesbian is on top of the white lesbian and she is sucking the white lesbian’s tit.

The white lesbian fingers and rubs the black lesbian’s pussy at the same time. The white lesbian and the black lesbian lick the white lesbian’s nipple at the same time too, their tongues touch as they lick. Then the black lesbian eats the white lesbian’s pussy and then the black lesbian tribs the white lesbian in the missionary position.

The white lesbian is sitting on the couch with her legs spread in the air and the black lesbian is squatting her pussy on the white lesbian’s, tribbing and grinding away. Then the black lesbian gets off of the white lesbian and fingers and licks the white lesbian’s pussy. The white lesbian fingers the black lesbian’s pussy from behind while the black lesbian is servicing her.

Then they somehow magically make their way from the floral couch to the bed and the black lesbian inserts a dildo into the white lesbian’s pussy and fucks her with it while the black lesbian licks her clit at the same time. Then the black lesbian sits on the white lesbian’s face and the white lesbian eats her out. At the end of the clip the black lesbian sits on the white lesbian’s chest and the white lesbian licks her pussy.

Missionary: 2:54

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