Tanya Tate and Aiden Ashley fuck in the file room

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Tanya Tate storms into Magdalene St Michaels office and asks why her name is an important work memo and not Tanya’s, since Tanya is the one who worked on the project. Magdalene says Tanya is off the project and she is the senior partner in charge of the project now. Magdalene tells Tanya that she only made partner last month and needs to calm down. Tanya says that Magdalene has been blocking her promotion all along. Magdalene puts Tanya in her place and Tanya storms out of her office.

Tanya goes to look for Aiden Ashley, her assistant, in the file room to tell her that Magdalene took her off the project so Aiden doesn’t have to look for the papers anymore. Aiden tells her to not let Magdalene get to her and that she is beautiful and a brilliant worker. Aiden steps closer to Tanya and they flirt with each other and start kissing.

They kiss and get naked, Aiden sucks on Tanya’s pussy and fingers it. Aiden kneels on a chair and Tanya eats her asshole out. Then Tanya and Aiden sit down on the floor and rub each other’s pussies. Aiden sits on Tanya’s face and gets her pussy fingered and eaten. Aiden also fingers Tanya’s pussy while she is sitting on her face.

Then Tanya gets on top of Aiden and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position on the ground. Then Tanya sits up and bumps her pussy on Aiden’s in a sitting standard tribbing position hard and fast. After that Tanya eats out and fingers Aiden’s pussy some more and then Aiden sits on top of Tanya and they ride their pussies together and kiss.

Knee Tribbing: 16:11
Standard Tribbing: 17:34
Riding: 22:03

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