Marie McCray and Shyla Jennings sexual encounter

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This clip was recommended by Hanna, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. A very hot redhead Marie McCray knocks on Shyla Jennings front door. Shyla is new to the neighborhood and Marie wanted to welcome her by baking her a batch of cookies. Shyla eats a cookie and leads Marie inside her house to her couch. Marie admires her home and asks what Shyla does for a living. Shyla says she is a computer programmer.

Marie asks her if she like doing that for a living. Shyla says she does but she gets lonely sometimes, Shyla was in a relationship and now she is not so she gets lonely in her big house. Marie can relate because she has been married for ten years and her husband ignores her.

Marie starts rubbing Shyla’s leg and comes on to her. Shyla accepts her invitation for sex and they start to kiss. They make out, get naked, and caress each other’s bodies. Shyla eats out and fingers Marie’s pussy. Then Marie pushes Shyla’s yellow panties to the side and sucks and rubs and fingers Shyla’s pussy. Then Marie takes off Shyla’s panties and and sits on Shyla’s lap. Marie tribs Shyla by riding her pussy.

Then Marie sits on Shyla’s face while Shyla eats her out, Marie rubs Shyla’s pussy at the same time. After that it’s Shyla’s turn to sit on Marie’s face and get her pussy eaten. As Shyla sits on Marie’s face she tribs her pussy on Marie’s tongue as well. Marie rubs her pussy while she eats Shyla’s out. Then they end the video with a kiss.

Riding: 17:21
Face Tribbing: 23:50

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