Dani Daniels and Valentina Nappi trib in oil

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Dani Daniels and Valentina Nappi are shaking their bodies around and touching each other in their bikinis. They are pouring oil on each other and shaking their butts. They get totally naked and shake their butts with oil pouring all over their bodies. They rub their boobs and spread their ass cheeks apart.

They dance around with toys hanging out of their pussies. They bump their asses together and shake them all about. They trib in a pool of oil in a semi standard semi scissoring position, with Dani kinda on top. Dani goes to town tribbing and Valentina rubs Dani’s pussy while they trib.

Then Dani bends over and Valentina eats out her ass. They pull out a purple dildo and they suck on it. Valentina lays down and spreads her legs and Dani eats her pussy out. Then they both lay down and get into a semi doggy style semi scissoring poisiton and trib. Dani sprays oil on them as they trib. Then Valentina turns over and they scissor their pussies together. Then Dani lays back and Valentina sucks and fingers her pussy.

Standard Tribbing: 3:23
Scissoring: 3:23, 5:48, 6:16
Doggy Style: 5:48

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