Emo Latina lesbians tribbing many ways

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This is a good tribbing video. These girls trib in every which way and they have many tattoos and colorful hair. I believe they are Latina. They start the video off kissing and touching each other. They take off each other’s bras and panties and get down to business. They get into the scissor position and start tribbing their pussies (3:42).

The lesbian with the pink streak in her hair pours oil on their pussies as they scissor. Then they get into a semi doggy style semi scissor position and continue tribbing on the bed (8:05). Then they stand up on the bed and kiss. The blue haired lesbian lays down after that and spreads her legs in the air. The pink haired lesbian stands over her pussy and they trib in the vertical scissor position (10:58).

Then they switch places, the pink haired lesbian lays down with her legs in the air and the blue haired lesbian gets on top and they trib by vertical scissor (12:30). Then the clip cuts to them laying back down on the bed scissoring (13:21). There are a few closeup shots of them scissoring and doing the vertical scissor. They scissor for a long time and then they switch back to a semi scissor and a semi doggy style position (21:00).

The pink haired lesbian lays down on the bed and the blue haired lesbian gets on top of her and rides her pussy (22:47). There are closeup shots of her riding and grinding the pink haired lesbian’s pussy. She also bumps her pussy by smacking it up and down while she rides. You can see that the pink haired lesbian is on her period because she has a tampon string hanging out of her pussy.

Then they switch positions and the pink haired lesbian gets on top of the blue haired lesbian and rides her pussy. The camera is sped up on this part of the video to make it look like the pink haired lesbian is tribbing hard and fast. Then the camera speed returns to normal and the pink haired lesbian turns around on the blue haired lesbian and rides her reverse cowgirl style (26:53). More oil is poured on their pussies and their pussies get wet and sticky while they trib. The closeup shot is great and the pink haired lesbian has a big clit with a large labia.

They stop for a minute and the pink haired lesbian resumes tribbing the blue haired lesbian in the reverse cowgirl position (30:23). They camera gets fast again and then the lesbians change positions and start scissoring again (31:47). After they are done scissoring they kiss.

Scissoring: 3:42, 8:05, 13:21, 21:00, 31:47
Doggy Style: 8:05, 21:00
Vertical Scissor: 10:58, 12:30
Riding: 22:47, 24:50
Reverse Cowgirl: 26:53, 30:23

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