Muscular lesbians tribbing

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Devon Michaels tribs her partner Cleopatra in many different positions and they gently bump their pussies together the majority of the time. At the start of the clip they grind their pussies by trib standing on their knees with their panties on. At one point Devon tribs her big boob on her partner’s pussy. They tried to fit every position in they could. These women are very muscular and have hot, toned bodies and they have really big boobs.

Missionary: 4:38, 5:58, 13:20, 22:49, 24:47, 27:34
Body Tribbing: 5:32, 22:23
Riding: 8:22, 12:34, 15:52, 25:38
Scissoring: 10:41, 14:55, 17:33
Doggy Style: 21:04
Knee Tribbing: 28:56
Trib Standing: 13 seconds

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this vid in full! But why in hell it’s removed? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Another links please!?

  2. (What’s the story? Morning glory!) Yeeeeaaaah baby wrap those legs up! Wish all lez movies made like this! Many thanx to Gemma for re-scourging the net to find this vid again! Ur awesome!