Sasha Heart forced to fuck mean mom Syren De Mer

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Sasha Heart is driving to her dads house. When she gets inside her dad’s house she calls out to him in the hall but her step mom Syren De Mer is there waiting for Sasha and she looks pissed. Sasha and Syren do not get along. Syren brags to Sasha about her daughter and how she was just made president of her sorority and that she is engaged to her boyfriend. Sasha gives a fake cheer and Syren says that she better be happy for her daughter.

Syren then tells Sasha that she smells and she looks like a homeless tramp and will never get engaged. Syren says that she cannot smell like that in her house. Sasha says it is her dad’s house, Syren disagrees. Syren tells Sasha to go up stairs and take a shower. Sasha goes upstairs and looks at her phone. Syren follows her and looks at her phone and sees that she has texts from her girlfriend on her phone. Syren wants to know what she does with her girlfriend and wants all the details.

Syren is very aggressive and mean, she yells at Sasha to give her the details. Sasha starts to and Syren starts yelling and aggressively takes off her shirt. Then Syren pins her down and Sasha tells her not to tell her father that she is a lesbian and will do whatever she wants. Syren says she wont tell her dad if Sasha fucks her. Sasha gets creeped out but does what she wants. Syren tells Sasha to eat her pussy and she does. Sasha gets naked and and they head over to the bed. Syren sits on Sasha’s face and Sasha eats her pussy. Then Syren mounts Sasha and they trib in the standard tribbing position. They trib hard and fast.

Standard Tribbing: 13:53

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