Samantha Ryan and Dylan Ryan fight then fuck

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Samantha Ryan walks into her kitchen and sees a huge pile of dishes in the sink. She knocks on her roommates door and opens it. Dylan Ryan is laying on her bed watching television. Samantha asks Dylan why she didn’t clean all the dishes. Dylan says because they are not all hers. Samantha says Dylan can just lay back and do nothing like she always does and she will clean up the mess.

Samantha goes into the kitchen and starts cleaning the dishes. Dylan follows her into the kitchen and confronts Samantha about her lazy comment. Samantha says she is lazy and Dylan slaps her across the face. Dylan runs into her room and Samantha follows her, they wrestle and fight on the bed. Dylan pins Samantha down and they start kissing.

They take off their clothes and and suck on each other’s tits. Dylan sucks on Samantha’s pussy and and then Dylan mounts her and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position (7:07). They kiss and make out for a while and then Samantha mounts Dylan and they trib again in the tribbing of the knee position (9:45) while they kiss. Then Samantha tribs Dylan missionary style (10:21).

Missionary: 10:21
Knee Tribbing: 7:07, 9:45

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