Ebony lesbian fucks a boob

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This clip was recommended by Juls, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. The video starts with a white mature lesbian eating out a younger ebony lesbian’s pussy. The white lesbian sucks on her pussy and rubs her pink clit. Then they kiss while the white lesbian rubs the black lesbian’s pussy some more.

Then they flip positions and the white lesbian lays down on her back and the black lesbian gets on top of her. The white lesbian sucks on the black lesbian’s boobs and the black lesbian grinds and tribs her pussy a bit on the white lesbian’s stomach (3:52).

Then the black lesbian sits up on the white lesbian and the white lesbian puts her nipple on the black lesbian’s pussy and the black lesbian tribs her tit (4:19). She tribs her pussy on the white lesbian’s boob and the white lesbian eats her pussy out at the same time. Then the ebony lesbian turns around on top of the white lesbian and they 69. There is a closeup shot of the ebony lesbian rubbing the white lesbian’s pussy in the 69 position.

Body Tribbing: 3:52, 4:19

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