Lara Brookes and Mia Gold have sweet lesbian sex

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This clip was recommended by Mike, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. A girl, Lara Brookes, is on the phone talking to her dad. She is trying to explain to him that sometimes relationships break up and people just leave for no reason. She hangs up the phone and then her friend, Mia Gold, calls. Mia asks Lara if everything worked out.

Lara says it did and that the crazy person is out of their lives. Mia comes over to Lara’s house to talk about it. I guess Lara wanted her crazy step mother gone and Mia helped her get rid of her. Lara tells Mia she is glad the step mom is gone and she can’t believe she had to have sex with her to make her leave.

Mia asks Lara how sex with her step mom was. Lara says she wished she did it with someone younger and with someone she liked and then she probably would have enjoyed it a lot better. Mia asks Lara if she wants the video, I am assuming it’s the proof of Lara fucking her step mom. Mia puts the video in her bra and tells Lara to come get it.

Lara gets confused and Mia inches closer to Lara. Lara and Mia start kissing and head into the bedroom to have sex. They take off their clothes and rub each other’s pussies. Mia eats Lara out and they start to scissor their pussies together (14:55). Then they stop and Lara eats out Mia’s pussy.

This is all very sensual and romantic. Then Lara gets on her back and Mia tribs her in the upright missionary position (19:35) clit to clit and just plain missionary (20:15), there is a nice closeup shot. Then they stop tribbing this way and Mia kisses every inch of Lara’s body on one side.

Then Mia gets on top of Lara’s upper thigh and tribs her pussy on it (23:34). While she tribs she rubs Lara’s pussy. Then they both sit up and start scissoring their pussies together again (25:10). After they are done scissoring Lara rubs and sucks on Mia’s pussy.

Scissoring: 14:55, 25:10
Missionary: 19:35, 20:15
Body Tribbing: 23:34

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