Veronica Avluv and Nora Noir squirt on each others pussies

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This clip was recommended by BoliElBoliviano, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Veronica Avluv and Nora Noir are engaging in a FFM threesome. The video starts with Nora being fucked hard and fast by a bald headed man while Veronica toys with the mans balls and waits for Nora to squirt so she can drink it. I believe Nora first squirts at 52 seconds, Veronica takes the mans dick out of Nora’s pussy to taste her juices.

Then Veronica licks her pussy and her asshole and sticks the guys dick back in Nora. Nora ride his dick and Veronica masturbates while watching them. Then at 1:47 Nora jumps off the dick and you can see a stream of juice fall from her pussy, I even think Veronica squirts a little during this time too.

Nora slides her pussy back and forth along the mans hips and Veronica jerks him off a bit and then sticks his dick back in Nora. Nora squirts again around 3:08 and Veronica licks it up and the man encourages it by rubbing Nora’s pussy. Veronica sucks on the mans dick and eats Nora’s ass.

Then Nora and Veronica sit facing each other with their legs spread open. The man walks behind Nora and Nora and Veronica masturbate. Veronica squirts at 3:50 and it hits Nora’s pussy. Nora squirts at 3:52 and it goes into Veronica’s pussy. Then when both of their pussies are filled with juices they scissor hard and fast (3:58).

Then Nora stops and squirts her pussy at 4:23, the man is behind her watching everything. Then they squirt inside each other’s pussies at 5:02 and they go back to scissoring hard (5:20). Then the guy gets back in the mix and fucks Nora while Veronica pulls on Nora’s nipples. Veronica kisses the guy while he is fucking Nora and Veronica rubs Nora’s clit while she is being fucked. Then the guy stops fucking Nora and eats her pussy while Veronica sucks on Nora’s tits.

Scissoring: 3:58, 5:20

Squirting: 52 seconds, 1:47, 3:08, 3:50, 3:52, 4:23

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