Blue Alien from Mass Effect has hard lesbian sex

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A brunette is in a bar watching two alien monsters fight. She is drinking her beer minding her own business when a blue Alien woman walks up behind her. The blue Alien asks if she is the mercenary named Jen and if she has seen her commander. Jen is very sarcastic and says she doesn’t give a crap where her commander is and she will not help her. The Alien gets made and says she has money to pay her and she should do her job.

Jen gets even madder and turns around to face the Alien but gets distracted by her big boobs. Jen then changes her tune and says that she will do the job for the Alien but only if the Alien fucks her. Jen grabs the Alien’s tits and ass and kisses her. The Alien is shocked at first but then kisses her back.

They head somewhere private and Jen fingers the Alien from behind while they are standing up and the Alien is against the wall. Then Jen eats the Alien’s pussy form behind, the clip goes black for a second but then it comes back and Jen is licking the Alien’s boob. Then Jen sits on the Alien’s face and the Alien eats her pussy.

After that, they trib their pussies together hard and fast in a semi doggy style and semi standard tribbing position (4:50) and a semi reverse cowgirl position (5:18). Then Jen eats the blue Alien’s pussy out from behind again. When they are done Jen smokes a cigarette and tells the Alien that if she learns anything about her commander she will tell her. Then the credits role with the date of when the next chapter to the story is set to be released.

Semi Standard Tribbing: 4:50
Semi Doggy Style: 4:50
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 5:18

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  1. Where did u find this scene. Did u just stumble across it on pornhub. Who makes these and is it from a game or just a short made film. I know theres alot of sex games around n these characters are based on some. Something about these i just find so dam sexy n hot. Would love more. One with dry humping lesbians would be amazing.

  2. Hi Dan! Yeah I just randomly found it on pornhub. These are just short films made with the characters from the game. They are making an episode 2 coming out in the middle of October. The people who make it have it funded by fans through I guess the people who make it are on this site. Their user name is LordAardvarkSFM

  3. Yea iv seen another vid with the blue alien in. This one is quite hot i have to say. Id love a lesbian dry humping one. Wonder if there is some way to contact the makers.