Sinn Sage aggressively fucks girlfriend

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A reddish haired brunette walks into her room and sits on the bed. Sinn Sage comes bursting through the door asking where she has been. I can’t really hear the brunette because she talks softly. Sinn comes over to her and feels her pussy, Sinn says that her pussy is wet from cum and that she has been cheating on her. The brunette says that she hasn’t and Sinn needs to stop accusing her all the time of cheating.

Sinn says she owns the brunette and is just protecting her property. The brunette says she is faithful and that she even got Sinn out of prison, that is how much she wants to be with her. Sinn likes this answer and says she can’t let the brunette’s wet pussy go to waste. The brunette says she doesn’t want to fuck Sinn when she is mad because Sinn is scary.

Sinn ignores the brunette and takes control. She strangles the brunette, manhandles her and kisses her. Sinn sits on top of her and rubs her pussy under her shorts. Then Sinn tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position (6:17) with their clothes still on. Then Sinn takes off the brunette’s shorts and rubs her pussy through her panties and then tribs her in the upright missionary position (8:06) while they are both in their panties and while she rubs her pussy.

Then Sinn bites the brunette’s thighs and teases her before she eats her pussy over her panties. Then Sinn pulls the brunette on her lap and the brunette rides Sinn hard and fast (10:55) with their panties on. Then Sinn aggressively pushes the brunette down and they trib missionary style (11:05). Then Sinn pulls off the brunette’s panties and eats and fingers her pussy hard.

Then the brunette gets on top of Sinn and eats, fingers and rubs her pussy. Then Sinn takes control and puts the brunette into position and tribs her upright missionary style that she does so well (23:42). She tribs hard and fast and they trib like this for the rest of the video.

Knee Tribbing: 6:17
Missionary: 8:06, 11:05, 23:42
Riding: 10:55

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