Lesbian nun Magdalene St Michaels seduces Mae Olsen

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Magdalene St Michaels tribs tiny blonde Mae Olsen. It looks like she could cover 2 Mae Olsen’s. The little girl cums in the end after being flattened like a pancake.

Mae Olsen and Magdalene St Michaels are nuns. Magdalene is Mother Superior and Mae is her student. In the beginning of the clip Mae is in her room taking off her clothes with the door ajar. Magdalene spy’s on Mae undressing in the doorway. Mae does not see Magdalene looking at her intently.

The clip cuts to Mae going to see Magdalene in her office. Mae asks Magdalene why she sent for her. Magdalene says her feet are swollen and she wants Mae to rub them. Mae doesn’t seem like she wants to do it but she rubs Magdalene’s feet anyway. She rubs them with hot towels and oils. Mae starts to get into rubbing Magdalene’s feet and starts to rub her legs. Magdalene hikes up her dress and Mae rubs her thighs.

Then the clip cuts to Mae laying on the bed and Magdalene touching, kissing and caressing her. Magdalene seduces Mae into having lesbian sex. Magdalene rubs Mae’s pussy and sucks on her tits. Then Mae masturbates while Magdalene tribs her pussy against Mae’s upper thigh in her panties (14:45). Then Magdalene starts tribbing Mae in the tribbing of the knee position (15:44).

Then Mae sucks on Magdalene’s boobs while rubbing her pussy. Magdalene tribs Mae’s hand while Mae rubs her clit (18:20). Then Magdalene gets on top of Mae and tribs her boob on Mae’s pussy (19:23). After that Magdalene takes off Mae’s panties and eats and fingers her pussy. Then Mae gets on top of Magdalene and tribs her boob into Magdalene’s pussy (25:17) before she eats her out. Then Magdalene mounts Mae and tribs her missionary style (32:21). At the end of the clip you can see white creamy cum in Mae’s pussy.

Body Tribbing: 14:45, 18:20, 19:23, 25:17
Knee Tribbing: 15:44
Missionary: 32:21

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  1. We have both of Ariella Ferrera’s nun videos up. We called them “Lesbian nun Ariella Ferrera tribs Presley Hart” and “Lesbian nuns have tribbing sex”. They are both really good.