Sinn Sage and Shyla Jennings fuck

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Sinn Sage dominates Shyla Jennings in her clinical tribbing fashion.

Shyla sees Sinn sitting outside and walks over to her to talk. Shyla asks how Sinn is doing after her break up from her girlfriend. Sinn says she is trying to get out and be social. Shyla says there must be girls all over Sinn now that she is single. Sinn says no way and then Shyla says she is interested in Sinn, even though she has a boyfriend.

Shyla says she is curious and wants to know what its like to be with a girl because her boyfriend does not satisfy her anymore. Sinn says she does not want to be with a straight girl and be a fantasy that she shares with her boyfriend. Shyla says she won’t be she wants to be with her and will not tell her boyfriend about it.

They start kissing and head into the bedroom. They get naked and make out and rub each other’s pussies through their clothes and they trib in the missionary position with their panties on (11:52). Then Sinn eats Shyla out and sucks on her foot. Shyla face tribs Sinn for a little bit while Sinn is eating her pussy (16:34). Then Sinn fingers Shyla’s pussy and Shyla rubs Sinn pussy underneath her panties.

Then Sinn’s panties come off and Shyla tribs Sinn in the missionary position (22:25) for a bit before she eats Sinn’s pussy out. Then Shyla goes back to tribbing Sinn in the missionary position (27:54). Then Sinn takes control and licks Shyla’s pussy before she sits her pussy on hers and tribs her in the upright missionary position (30:31) and in the standard tribbing position (32:11) for the rest of the video.

Missionary: 11:52, 22:25, 27:54, 30:31
Face Tribbing: 16:34
Standard Tribbing: 32:11

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