Lesbians wearing body stockings scissor

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Two big breasted lesbians wearing crotchless body stockings are having sex on a bed. They are also wearing black masks over their eyes. They rub and lick each other’s big boobs and nipples. Then one of them eats out the other one. I cannot tell who is who because they both are wearing the same thing and look exactly a like.

Then the one eating her partner’s pussy stops and rubs her own clit. Then they spread their legs and bump their pussies together by scissoring (3:04). They stop in the middle of scissoring to rub each other’s clits but then they go back to scissoring, they scissor clit to clit and you can see their lips kissing. At the end of the video a naked guy walks in the room but the video ends soon after.

Scissoring: 3:04

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