Bonnie Rotten and Veronica Avluv squirt and trib

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This clip was recommended by BoliElBoliviano, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Bonnie Rotten is sneaking into her room and her step mom Veronica Avluv is sitting on her bed waiting for her. Bonnie is annoyed that Veronica is there and gives her attitude. Veronica tells Bonnie that she thinks she is on drugs and goes through Bonnie’s backpack.

Instead of finding drugs Veronica finds a huge dildo. Bonnie says that she is not on drugs that she is a lesbian and her girlfriend just broke up with her. Veronica says she is sorry and Bonnie sits on the bed and sulks. The scene then skips to Bonnie watching t.v. and Veronica bringing her a glass of wine. Veronica says she understands what Bonnie is going through because she was in a long lesbian relationship and it broke her heart.

Bonnie is surprised and says she could never be with a man, pointing out that Veronica is now married to her father. Veronica says dick is okay but she likes pussy too and she leans over and kisses Bonnie. Bonnie likes it and they go to the bedroom to have sex. They make out and kiss and get naked. Veronica spreads her legs and Bonnie eats her pussy and Veronica squirts everywhere at 4:46, 5:13, 5:50. Pretty much the whole time Bonnie is eating her out and rubbing her pussy fluid is gushing everywhere.

At around 6:20 Bonnie fingers Veronica’s pussy hard and fast and Veronica squirts her juices. Veronica gets up and bends over Bonnie eats her from behind. Then Bonnie lays on the bed and spreads her legs open and Veronica eats, rubs and fingers her pussy. At 9:47 Bonnie squirts her juice into the air. Her juices fly for bit after that.

Then Veronica mounts Bonnie and they trib in the standard tribbing position for a brief second (10:49) before Bonnie and Veronica share a vibrator on each other’s clits. They vibrate each other’s pussies and Bonnie squirts a waterfall and Veronica squirts too at 12:16, it’s impressive. Then they scissor each other (12:31) hard and fast. The scissoring turns into Bonnie tribbing Veronica in the standard tribbing position (12:50) very hard and very fast.

Then Veronica spreads her legs wide open and Bonnie fucks her with a hot pink strap on. Bonnie beats her clit with it too causing Veronica to squirt at 14:00. Then Veronica sucks on Bonnie’s strap on dick and fingers and rubs Bonnie’s pussy at the same time. After that, Bonnie fucks Veronica with the strap on many different ways. Bonnie stops at some point to eat her pussy some more and then continues to fuck her.

Then Veronica returns the favor and takes the strap on out of its strap and jams the hot pink dildo into Bonnie’s pussy making Bonnie squirt a stream high into the air at 23:55 and 24:53. Then Bonnie gets on her knees and Veronica fucks her doggy with the dildo. They stop playing with the dildo and mutually masturbate their pussies together. Then Veronica gets on top of Bonnie and they trib in the standard tribbing position (27:00) to finish off their sex.

We have another video up with Bonnie and Veronica, we called it “Bonnie Rotten and Veronica Avluv squirt while tribbing”. These two sure make a great squirting team!

Standard Tribbing: 10:49, 12:50, 27:00
Scissoring: 12:31

Squirting: 4:46, 5:13, 5:50, 9:47, 12:16, 23:55, 24:53

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