Annette Schwarz dominates Marlie Moore

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Marlie Moore 5’5, darker blonde (sub) Annette Schwarz, 5’11 lighter blonde (dom) Annette intensely tribs Marlie in various positions)

Marlie opens the fridge door and sees that the milk is gone. Marlie gets super pissed and barges into Annette’s room telling her sternly not to drink all the milk. Annette seems to have been sleeping and she doesn’t seem to care that all the milk is gone. Annette says she will go buy her some more milk. Marlie says that Annette is being a bitch.

Annette walks over to Marlie and somewhat aggressively pushes her on the bed. Marlie tries to get away but Annette tells her to stay in the bed and she starts kissing her. They start making out and kissing and Annette takes off Marlie’s clothes and eats her pussy out. Then Annette gets naked and they trib in the missionary position (6:11).

Annette gets on her knees and Marlie hops up on her lap and they ride their pussies together (7:35). Then Marlie bends over and Annette rubs Marlie’s pussy from behind and eats her pussy and fingers it too. Then Annettte lays on her back and Marile returns the favor by rubbing, licking and fingering Annette’s fat pussy.

Then Marlie sits on Annette’s lap and they ride their pussies together hard and fast (15:02). You can really see how different their size difference is when they are tribbng in this position. After that, Annette goes back to eating Marlie’s pussy and sucking on her boobs. Then Annette puts Marlie’s foot on her pussy and she tribs it (20:00).

Then Marlie goes back to servicing Annette’s vagina by rubbing, licking and fingering it. Then Marlie gets up on her knees and faces the wall while Annette eats her pussy from behind again. After she is done she takes Marlie by the boobs and starts fucking her doggy style (25:04). They trib hard and fast this way and when they are done they feel up each other’s bodies and kiss.

Missionary: 6:11
Riding: 7:35, 15:02
Body Tribbing: 20:00
Doggy Style: 25:04

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  1. These video are so great it make you want tech out to be with the girl and just cum and cum some more is their a way one can experiment on me liasbian prefer missionary style