Amateur blondes tribbing

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This is an amateur tribbing video, these girls are being filmed and watched by their camera man. They trib in many different positions. The dominate blonde, who is mostly on top, tribs in unique riding positions through out the clip. They are a little on the thick side, chubby but not really. At times they do trib hard and fast and at other times they trib slow, sometimes clit to clit. Nice closeup shots of their pussies.

Knee Tribbing: 3 seconds, 8:01, 21:12
Missionary: 30 seconds, 6:54, 8:22, 14:25
Riding: 4:10, 14:20
Scissoring: 8:30, 16:20
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 9:47, 12:42, 16:57
Standard Tribbing: 10:43

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  1. wow, this is SUPERB! these women are perfectly gorgeous and the tribbing is amazing and sexy. I LOVE the missionary stuff they do, such a turn on. Dam makes me so horny!