Shyla Jennings seduced by older blonde

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Shyla Jennings is smothered by the bigger blonde who tribs Shyla in missionary position. The blonde wraps her arms firmly around Shyla, with he huge body flattening her while she thrusts her hard.

A business woman is on her bed talking on the phone. She is surrendered by papers and folders, she asks the person on the line if she can borrow her assistant to help her with all the work she has to get down. The person on the phone agrees and in walks Shyla Jennings. The older blonde leads Shyla into her bedroom and you can feel the sexual tension in the air.

I can’t really hear what they are saying that well but the blonde is coming on to Shyla. Shyla walks over to the blonde and the blonde seduces her. The blonde massages Shyla’s legs and lifts Shyla’s dress up from behind and kisses her ass cheeks. Then the blonde fingers Shyla’s pussy and takes off Shyla’s panties and eats her out.

After that, they kiss and Shyla gets on top of the blonde and they trib in the missionary position (22:34), the blonde still has her panties on while they trib. Then Shyla takes the blonde’s panties off and eats her pussy. Then the blonde rolls on top of Shyla and they start tribbing again missionary style (27:30). They trib hard and fast with some nice closeup shots. Then The blonde eats Shyla’s pussy out some more.

Missionary Tribbing: 22:34, 27:30

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