Lesbian trib compilation

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This is a compilation video of different lesbians tribbing their pussies together:

Scene 1: Start of the video. Two blondes are kissing passionately, someone edited this to make them start kissing over and over again.

Scene 2: 12 seconds. A blonde and a brunette are scissoring. There is a nice closeup shot of their clits touching right before the scene changes.

Scene 3: 23 seconds. Two lesbians are outside by the pool scissoring their pussies.

Scene 4: 43 seconds. Two young girls are on a bed. They are tribbing in a semi scissoring semi doggy style position. The brunette is on her stomach scissoring her pussy and her ass into the redhead’s pussy.

Scene 5: 1:03. A big butt blonde is tribbing a brunette in the trbbing of the knee position on the couch.

Scene 6: 1:23. The lesbians from scene 2 are back. A closeup of their pussies is played first and then just them scissoring again. They bump their pussies together on a green mat.

Scene 7: 1:43. A blonde and a brunette are scissoring on the couch. The blonde is masturbating while they are scissoring.

Scene 8: 2:03. A brunette and a blonde are scissoring outside and another brunette is trying to get in between their pussies, she is watching their pussies up close rub together.

Scene 9: 2:30. Two blondes are tribbing their pussies by scissoring on the couch.

Scene 10: Two brunettes are tribbing on a couch in stockings. They trib in a semi standard tribbing position, semi tribbing of the knee position and a semi reverse cowgirl position.

Scene 11: 3:32. Two brunettes are sitting up scissoring on a white couch.

Scene 12: 3:49. Two blondes are tribbing a doggy style position. The blonde on the right is backing her ass and pussy up to the blonde on the left, who is laying down and has her legs spread open. Kinda in a scissoring position but not really, I think this is more doggy style.

Scene 13: 4:10. The lesbians from scene 9 are back scissoring on the couch.

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