Sinn Sage fucks small boob babe

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Sinn Sage works her sexy magic on this girl. They are at a self awareness retreat for girls who think they are lesbians. Sinn’s partner and roommate, Amber Chase, has really small boobs, maybe the smallest I have ever seen, but Sinn just dominates her.

Amber is not sure if she is a lesbian or not and Sinn says the only way to find out for sure is if they have sex. Sinn starts rubbing her pussy then spreads her legs and thrusts into her missionary style. Then Sinn flips her over and tribs her doggy style, both girls still have their panties on.

Sinn then flips her on her back and tribs her again by riding her, rocking back and forth on her pussy. Then Amber gets on top of Sinn and starts riding her, after shes done with that she knee tribs Sinn all with her panties still on.

They do trib hard after this, but its not that long. After this they eat each other out, then they take off their panties and Sinn tribs Amber reverse cowgirl style. At the end of the video Sinn sits on Amber’s face and gets her pussy eaten. It’s a jammed packed clip.

Missionary: 8:56, 15:28
Doggy Style: 12:32
Knee Tribbing: 18:58, 21:22
Standard Tribbing: 21:57
Reverse Cowgirl: 31:09

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