Jenna Sativa and Naomi Woods have sex

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Jenna Sativa and Naomi Woods have hot sex in this video. They make their way into the bathroom next to the bathtub and start making out in their underwear. They eventually get around to taking off their bra and panties and they both get into the tub together. Naomi sits in front of Jenna and Jenna rubs her shoulders and her pussy.

Jenna picks up the modern bathtub facet and sprays water on Naomi’s pussy while she rubs and fingers her asshole. Then they start kissing and get out of the bathtub and head over to the bed. They start making out on the bed and Jenna rubs Naomi’s pussy some more. Naomi then eats out Jenna’s hairy pussy, at times fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit.

Then Jenna bends over and Naomi eats out Jenna’s asshole while she rubs and fingers Jenna’s pussy at times. Jenna also rubs her own pussy at times too. Then Naomi gets on top of Jenna and they 69. Jenna also rubs Naomi’s pussy at times from behind. Naomi then sits up and tribs her pussy on Jenna’s face (20:24) while Jenna sucks and rubs her pussy.

When Naomi stops face tribbing she just sits on Jenna’s face and rubs Jenna’s pussy some more and fingers it while her own pussy is still getting eaten. Then Naomi mounts Jenna in the standard tribbing position and they trib their pussies together (22:52). There is a good closeup shot and it looks like they trib clit to clit. Then Jenna gets on top of Naomi and they trib in the standard tribbing position (26:03). They trib hard and fast.

After they trib Jenna eats out and fingers Naomi’s pussy some more. Then Jenna sits on Naomi’s face to get her pussy eaten out and to face trib her face (31:24). They kiss at the end of the video.

Standard Tribbing: 22:52, 26:03
Face Tribbing: 20:24, 31:24

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