Ariella Ferrera gives Adessa Winters an oily trib massage

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Adessa Winters walks into Ariella Ferrera’s massage parlor. Ariella asks her if this is her first time getting a certain type of massage. Adessa says it is and that she is nervous. Ariella says she shouldn’t be because she is going to take really good care of her. Adessa walks over to the corner to take off her clothes.

Adessa gets totally naked and lays in a plastic pool thing. Ariella gets in to it too and massages Adessa’s body. Ariella pours oil on Adessa and rubs her back, ass and legs. Ariella takes off her robe to reveal her naked body and big tits. Ariella pours the oil on her tits and rubs her tits on Adessa’s back and ass, giving her a nuru massage.

Then Ariella fingers and rubs Adessa’s pussy while she licks her asshole. They then get into the 69 position and eat each other’s pussies that way. At this point their bodies are drenched in oil. Adessa puts her pussy on Ariella’s pussy and they trib in the semi reverse cowgirl position (13:02) and then Adessa changes into the standard tribbing position (13:28).

It’s a very oily trib. Then Ariella gets on top and takes control of the tribbing and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position (14:31) hard and fast. Then Ariella switches to tribbing in the standard tribbing position (15:00). Then Ariella gets off Adessa and tribs Adessa’s pussy with her foot (15:47).

Then Ariella licks Adessa’s pussy for a bit and they kiss and then Ariella tribs her for a minute in the missionary position (16:52). Then Ariella sits on Adessa’s face to get her pussy eaten and she ends up tribbing Adessa’s face as well (17:24). After that they kiss and hug and Ariella gently rides Adessa’s pussy as they are hugging (18:30). When they are done they get into the 69 position again and Ariella face tribs her pussy against Adessa’s face as they 69 (19:34).

Then Ariella rubs Adessa’s clit and fingers her pussy at the same time. Then Ariella gets on top of Adessa and rides her pussy again (21:19). After that, Adessa gets on her stomach and Ariella eats out her asshole. Then Ariella lays down on her back and Adessa gets on top of her and they trib in the standard tribbing position (24:01) and the semi reverse cowgirl position (24:42).

Then Adessa gets down and eats out Ariella’s pussy and then she tribs her pussy on Ariella’s upper thigh (27:24). Then Adessa rubs Ariella’s pussy and body before they start tribbing again. Ariella gets on top of Adessa and they trib again in the standard tribbing position (30:47). Then Ariella gets off and rubs Adessa’s pussy. There is a whole lot of tribbing going on in this oily massage clip.

Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 13:02, 24:42
Standard Tribbing: 13:28, 15:00, 24:01, 30:47
Knee Tribbing: 14:31
Body Tribbing: 15:47, 27:24
Missionary: 16:52
Face Tribbing: 17:24, 19:34
Riding: 18:30, 21:19

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  1. Hmmmm that’s a great new site… Maybe a “love lesbian nipple sucking” is y’all next installment!!!

  2. Oh I was just joking, but seriously we are considering doing some sort of body worship site and nipple sucking would fit right into that.

  3. I am an analyst by profession and I would like to say this is one of the top 5 scenes ever because of what ariella ferrera brings to the table ariella is the supreme tribber along with romi rain her flexibility aggression is the best and to the person whoncimmented on her breasts pls go to pornpics com and check out her pics you are highly highly misinformed