Retro black white lesbian trib

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This is a retro clip of a white and black lesbian getting it on. The video starts with the lesbians talking in lingerie. The black lesbian is sitting down in a chair feeling up the white lesbian as she talks, I can’t really hear what they are talking about. I think they are talking crap about guys. They start kissing and suck and feel each other’s big boobs.

The black lesbian rubs her pussy through her panties and then she takes them off. The white lesbian kneels in front of her and sucks on her pussy. The white lesbian also tribs her boob on the black lesbian’s cunt (6:08), there is a closeup shot of this. Then the white lesbian goes back to eating her pussy out.

After that, the white lesbian sits in the chair and the black lesbian kneels in front of her to eat her hairy pussy and rub it. When the black lesbian is done they kiss and kneel on the floor pressing their big boobs together. Then the white lesbian lays down and the black lesbian gets on top of her and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position (10:28).

Then the scene cuts to them passed out together on the floor after they trib and the black lesbian talks about taking pictures of guys dicks and comparing them to see who has the biggest cock and then the clip ends.

Body Tribbing: 6:08
Knee Tribbing: 10:28

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