Darla Crane and Odile trib hard

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This clip starts with Darla Crane looking out the window and thinking about something that happened in the past. A man laying on the floor of the bathroom and a smiling scary looking girl running on a tablet, it’s kinda strange. Darla looks worried while she is thinking about this and then Odile comes running up to Darla scared and worried.

Odile’s hand is cut and she is saying that her little girl is going to meet some guy named Bob in a hotel room and there is nothing she can do to stop her. Odile also says that no one loves her, Darla says that she loves Odile and Odile kisses her saying she needs this and Darla needs it too.

They start kissing and making out on the couch. Then the scene skips to them naked and tribbing on the couch, Darla is on top of Odile tribbing her by riding her pussy (2:55). They trib hard and fast and there are good closeup shots of them tribbing this way. Then Darla sits her pussy on Odile’s face and Odile eats her out. Then Darla sits on Odile’s stomach and masturbates and fingers Odile’s pussy.

Riding: 2:55

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