Zoey Holloway and Elexis Monroe passionately fuck

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Zoey Holloway is on the phone in the kitchen with a friend, helping her through a breakup. Elexis Monroe storms into the kitchen and bangs pots and pans together, she is trying to get dinner ready. Zoey gets off the phone and asks her what her problem is. Elexis is mad that she has to tip toe around her own house when she gets home from work. Zoey just thinks she is mad because she was talking to her friend on the phone. Elexis says she doesn’t care, but Zoey is not buying it and walks away into her bedroom.

Elexis come into the bedroom and apologizes to Zoey. Zoey says she feels like she can’t have friends and Elexis says that’s not true, that she loves Zoey and wants her to be happy. Zoey says she doesn’t know what love means to Elexis. Elexis tells Zoey she wants to show her how much she loves her and they start kissing and taking off each other’s clothes.

They make out for a little while and then Elexis eats out and rubs Zoey’s pussy. Then Elexis mounts Zoey and Zoey rubs Elexis’s pussy. Elexis gets off of Zoey and then Zoey eats Elexis’s pussy. After that, Zoey puts her hand on Elexis’s pussy rubs it very hard.

Then Zoey mounts Elexis and they trib in the missionary position while Elexis fingers Zoey’s pussy hole. There is a closeup shot of this. Then they flip over and Elexis is on top of Zoey, tribbing her in the missionary position. There is also a closeup shot of this too.

Tribbing: 25:33 and 27:12

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