Lesbian sleepover part 1

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This clip was recommended by BoliElBoliviano, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This is part one to “Lesbian Slumber Party, The Kissing Game”. It’s an 83 minute video. Dani Daniels comes home for winter break from college and invites her friends to a sleep over. I believe Magdalene St. Michaels is Dani’s mom and Dani’s friends that come over are Sovereign Syre, Lacie James, Sinn Sage, Samantha Ryan, April O’Neil, Ela Darling, and Skin Diamond.

They are all sitting around talking, laughing, and eating. Magdalene comes in to bring them cookies and her and April stare at each other and share a knowing look. April tells Dani her mom looks great, like when they were kids. Sinn says she wishes they were still kids because life is complicated. Ela asks Sinn what happened and Sinn said she just went through a breakup because there was no chemistry. Sovereign says you should just kiss someone right away because in one kiss you can tell if the chemistry is there. The girls seem skeptical about this idea.

Sovereign says they should do an experiment to see if it’s true or not. They should play a kissing game. Sovereign and Ela go first and kiss. Then Dani and Sovereign kiss and they start making out. Dani gets hot and bothered. Dani leaves to go get soda and Sovereign follows. We have a clip of this scene up already called “Sovereign Syre tribbing Dani Daniels”. They trib in their clothes and naked in the missionary position and in the tribbing of the knee position.

The next pair to kiss are Sinn and Skin. Then Sinn kisses Lacie and then Sinn kisses Ela and there is attraction between them. They start making out and someone says get a room so they do. They lay on the bed making out and they trib in their panties in the tribbing of the knee position, with Sinn on top. Then Sinn takes off Ela’s panties and eats her pussy. Then Ela takes off Sinn’s panties and eats her pussy out. After that, Sinn gets on top of Ela and they trib clit to clit, in Sinn’s signature position, half missionary and half riding position. Then Sinn gets down and tribs Ela in the standard tribbing position.

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  1. certainly. she has to be perhaps the hottest lesbian ever. defo at the top of the bunch for me. her techniques and vids are soo dam good to watch and get off to!