Unique retro lesbian catfight

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This clip was recommended by CERBERUS, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This is an intense retro cat fight between two lesbians. It looks like the redheaded lesbian, who is Teddi Barrett, comes home to find her boyfriend cheating on her with a blonde, I am not really sure whats going on. The two start fighting right away.

They pull hair, spank each other, and rip their lingerie off. Then they stop and the blonde challenges Teddi to a sex fight. I guess Teddi is the blonde’s step mother. They start pressing and tribbing their boobs together, then they stand up and trib their pussies together while they are standing, while they press their boobs together.

Then they get down on the ground and trib their pussies by scissoring, they bump their pussies, hard together. Then the blonde gets on top of Teddi and tribs her missionary style. After that, Teddi gets on top of the blonde and tribs her to the side in a semi reverse cowgirl position. Then they scissor again and massage each other’s feet while they scissor.

Then they lay on their backs and spread their legs and get into the open scissor position. Teddi’s legs are open and it looks like she is half tribbing her butt cheeks and half tribbing her pussy on the blonde’s pussy, while the blonde rubs and smacks Teddi’s clit. Then the blonde holds herself up by her hands and tribs her pussy against Teddi’s in a unique position. Then the blonde tribs teddy in the tribbing of the knee position.

After that, the blonde lays on her back and puts her butt in the air and Teddi sits her pussy on the blonde’s and tribs away in a semi reverse cowgirl doggy style position. Then Teddi turns around and rides her pussy on the blonde’s pussy while her ass is in the air. While they trib, their butt cheeks touch. Then while the blonde is in this position, she spreads her legs and they do the vertical scissor, Teddi sits her pussy right in between the blonde’s legs.

Then the blonde lays on her back and Teddi tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position. Then the blonde bends over and Teddi tribs the blonde’s pussy with her boob from behind. Then Teddi bends over and the blonde puts her boob in Teddi’s anus. Then Teddi tribs the blonde some more in the tribbing of the knee position, hard and fast, before they stop tribbing and end the video bumping tits again.

There is a lot of unique tribbing going on in this video.

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  1. I REALLY like this video. I think its soo hot. I ADORE the standing tribbing they do in the first half and the rest is ace too.