Yasmine De leon and Lea Lush have tribbing sex

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Yasmine De leon and Lea Lush have hot sex in this clip. They kiss each other and take off each other’s clothes. Then they are left in their panties and Yasmine backs up her ass and pussy into Lea’s upper thigh and tribs and bounces it on her leg, while they are on their knees in their panties. Then Yasmine’s panties come off and Lea rubs Yasmine’s pussy from behind before Lea eats and fingers her pussy.

Then Lea gets up and Yasmine takes off her panties and she lightly rides her pussy on Yasmine’s while they kiss and Lea rubs Yasmine’s pussy some more. Then Lea tribs Yasmine in the tribbing of the knee position, there is a nice closeup shot of this. Then Yasmine gets down and fingers and sucks Lea’s pussy. After that, Yasmine tribs Lea’s pussy with her own by riding it.

Then they switch places and Lea tribs Yasmine in the missionary position. Then Yasmine gets on top of Lea and tribs her pussy on Lea’s boob. Lea rubs and massages Yasmine’s clit while she tribs her tit. Then Lea turns over on her stomach and Yasmine eats her pussy out from behind before she tribs Lea doggy style.

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  1. Wow this is a fantastic vid. Some great ones stem from the featured ones as well on xham. Great stuff. Very very hot.

  2. These vids are probably going to get deleted soon because the one I was going to put up tonight did, so they aren’t going to be around for long. Download them now while you can!