Two lesbian couples take turns tribbing

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This clip was recommended by David, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Two blondes are kissing an a bed, the blonde on the right, the one wearing the glasses, is Lily LaBeau. The other blonde wearing the red outfit is Samantha Saint. Lily rubs Samantha’s pussy over her red panties. Then Samantha rubs Lily pussy over her white panties.

Samantha takes off her clothes as Lily rubs her pussy through her panties. Then they kiss some more and Samantha rubs Lily’s pussy some more. Then the clip cuts to Samantha softly tribbing Lily, who has her panties still on, by riding her pussy, while Lily sucks on her big boobs. Then Samantha gets off Lily’s lap and takes off her panties to eat her hairy pussy out and massage it. Then Lily licks, rubs, and fingers Samantha’s hairy pussy.

Then Lily kisses Samantha and starts tribbing her in the tribbing of the knee position. Then Lily switches to tribbing Samantha in the standard tribbing position. Then Lily dismounts Samantha and rubs Samantha’s pussy fast and hard. After they are done having sex, another lesbian couple enters the room. Two brunette’s walk in and sit on the bed next to the naked blondes. The brunette’s stare at the blondes still kissing, the blondes feel their gaze on them and stop kissing and sit up.

The brunette’s then start to kiss each other on the bed and the naked blondes watch them. The brunette’s get totally naked and start making out on the bed next to the naked blonde’s. The blonde’s leave and the brunette’s take over the bed. The brunette on the left, Veronica Snow , eats out and fingers the other brunette’s pussy, Janessa Jordan.

Then Janessa returns the favor and eats Veronica out and fingers her pussy. Then they get into the 69 position and continue to eat each other’s pussies. After that, Janessa tribs Veronica in the standard tribbing position.

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    The two blondes (lily labeau & Samantha Saint)
    The two brunettes (Veronica Snow & Janessa Jordan)