Dani Daniels, Cherie DeVille, and James Deen fuck

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This clip was recommended by BoliElBoliviano, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

This is the Dani Daniels, Cherie Deville & James Deen threesome full.

This is a good clip. Dani Daniels plays James Deen’s nurse in this video and Cherie DeVille plays James’s wife. The clip starts with Dani coming over to James and Cherie’s house to treat James. Dani introduces herself to the couple and James seems to like what he sees. Cherie drops something on the ground and Dani picks it up, James checks out Dani’s ass and gives his wife a thumbs up, saying that he definitely approves.

Cherie tells Dani that James is very sick and he likes it when his chest is rubbed. Cherie takes Dani’s hand and makes her rub his chest. Dani is weirded out but goes with it. Then the clip cuts to Cherie taking out some oil and reveling James’s big boner from under the comforter. Cherie is teaching Dani how to give James a hand job. After Cherie makes sure Dani knows what she is doing, Cherie moves closer to James and kisses him, while telling Dani to jerk his dick harder.

Then Cherie tells Dani to jerk James’s dick with two hands, Dani does and then Cherie tells Dani to suck his dick. Dani does what she is told and James says that he likes what Dani is doing to him. Then Cheri takes her top off and tells Dani it’s time for her to do the same, Dani gets naked and Cherie starts sucking James’s dick. Then Cherie makes Dani suck his dick again, saying that’s the only way James will feel better.

Then Dani gets on James’s dick and rides it while kissing Cherie. Cherie is sitting on James’s face, while he eats her pussy. Then Cherie gets off of James’s face and Dani fingers Cherie’s pussy while she is still being fucked. Then James gets out of Dani and fucks Cherie from behind, while Cherie sits on Dani’s face and Dani eats her pussy. Then Cherie gets off of Dani’s face, while she is still being fucked and Dani rubs Cherie’s pussy.

Then James gets out of Cherie’s pussy and sticks his dick in Dani’s mouth, then he goes back to fucking Cherie from behind, while Dani sucks on his balls and she rubs Cherie’s clit. Then Dani lays on her back and James sticks his dick in her, meanwhile Cherie is sitting on Dani’s face getting her pussy eaten. Then Cherie gets off of Dani’s face and rubs Dani’s pussy and then James starts rubbing Dani’s pussy while he is fucking her and Dani is rubbing Cherie’s pussy.

James keeps fucking Dani’s hairy pussy hard and Cherie holds Dani’s leg up and rubs her boobs. As Dani is getting fucked she is also rubbing Cherie’s pussy at the same time. Then James lays down on his back and both Dani and Cherie lick his penis at the same time and suck on his balls. After that, Dani and Cherie start kissing and then James picks up Cherie and Cherie rides James’s dick reverse cowgirl style, while Dani rubs her pussy. Dani also licks James’s balls while he fucks Cherie this way and Dani licks Cherie’s pussy while she is being fucked.

Then Cherie and James stop fucking and Dani sucks James’s dick. Then James fucks Dani while they are laying on their sides and he rubs her clit while Cherie rubs her boobs, fuck hard and crazy. Then Cherie sits on Dani’s chest and James eats Cherie’s pussy and Dani eats out Cherie’s butt hole.

Then James fucks Cherie hard in her pussy and then Dani tribs her pussy on Cherie’s face, while she is being eaten out. James smacks Dani’s ass and everyone is being very aggressive with each other. Then Cherie lays on her back and sucks James’s balls, while Dani tribs Cherie missionary style and sucks James’s penis at the same time. Dani changes from tribbing in the missionary position to the tribbing of the knee position. She tribs Cherie hard and fast in this position.

Then Dani lays on Cherie, both of their mouths are open with their tongues sticking out, waiting for James to blow his load in their faces. He cums in their mouths and they eat it and kiss each other. Then they continue tribbing in the trbbing of the knee position hard and fast.

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