Dyanna Lauren seduces Elexis Monroe

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This clip was recommended by David, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Elexis Monroe is talking to Shyla Jennings mother, Dyanna Lauren, about how Shyla is acting sexually inappropriate at school. Elexis is Shyla’s teacher and she has overheard her talking sexually to the other students, Shyla is not shown in this clip though, it’s just Elexis and Dyanna. Dyanna is a lesbian mom and has a girlfriend and I guess Shyla talks about it at school. Dyanna brings up to Elexis that maybe the problem is that the lesbian teachers are running around, having affairs with each other.

Elexis says she is aware of the issue, but she does not get involved in the teachers personal lives. Dyanna changes the conversion and says that Elexis is a very beautiful teacher and asks her if she would like to talk in another room. Elexis says sure, Dyanna asks if she would like to talk about other stuff and Elexis says yes. Dyanna asks if she is making Elexis’s nervous and Elexis stutters and says that she is.

Dyanna rubs Elexis’s hand and leads her into the bedroom. They sit on the bed and Dyanna wants Elexis to admit that she came over their to explore her own sexuality and not Shyla’s. Elexis will not admit it, but she is letting Dyanna touch her and caress her. Dyanna starts kissing her and they make out on the bed and take off their clothes. For a second Dyanna is in her panties and she lightly tribs Elexis by riding her pussy, Elexis still has her skirt on.

Then Dyanna gets on top of Elexis and kisses her while she rubs her pussy. Then Dyanna eats Elexis’s hairy pussy out. Then they sit up on the bed and rub each other’s pussies, Elexis rubs Dyanna’s pussy over her panties. After that, they trib in a semi tribbing of the knee position and semi body tribbing, they are both on their knees, tribbing each other’s pussies on their thighs, Dyanna is still in her panties. Elexis also rubs Dyanna’s pussy while they are tribbing.

Then Dyanna’s panties come off and Elexis sucks and fingers Dyanna’s hairy pussy, while Dyanna rubs her own clit. Then Dyanna eats Elexis out from behind and Elexis sits on Dyanna’s face, while she eats Elexis’s pussy out. Then Elexis tribs Dyanna in the tribbing of the knee position on the bed. Then they switch places and Dyanna tribs Elexis by riding her pussy at first until she switches to tribbing in the standard tribbing position for the rest of the video.

Riding: 10:27, 30:32
Body Tribbing: 18:45
Knee Tribbing: 18:45, 28:36
Standard Tribbing: 31:04

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