Elexis Monroe and Dani Jensen have sex

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This clip was recommended by David, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. In this video Elexis Monroe and Dani Jensen have lesbian sex. Elexis is sitting on the couch watching television, flipping through the channels when she hears a knock on the front door.

Elexis answers the front door and finds Dani standing there. Elexis tells Dani that her little sister is not home, that she is at band practice. Elexis can tell that something is wrong with Dani so she asks her what it is. Dani admits thats something is troubling her and Elexis invites her in. They sit on the couch and Dani says that she is having an affair with her woman guidance counselor that is in her early forties. Dani says she is really upset because all of the sudden the guidance counselor has shut her out of her life, she will not answer Dani’s emails or texts. Elexis is a little shocked and asks how this affair started.

Dani says that she started going to her guidance counselor because she needed help with her classes and the counselor took extra time out to help her with her problems. This made Dani very attracted to her. So Dani kissed her and the counselor kissed back and they fucked in her office right there and then. Dani said she would go to her house and they would fuck each other all the time, but now the counselor will not see her and Dani is worried that she is in love with her.

After Dani finishes her story, Elexis says she has to run to the store before it closes and if Dani wants to come back and talk later she can. Dani leaves and Elexis gets into her car. Elexis is still thinking about Dani’s story and starts masturbating herself right there in her car. Then she drives away to the store after she is done.

Then the clip cuts and it looks like a new day. Elexis is wearing a different outfit. Elexis’s phone rings and it’s Dani, Elexis tells Dani she can come over to her house. When Dani gets there she tells Elexis that the counselor broke up with her. Elexis comforts Dani and they start to kiss. They head over to the bedroom and they make out on the bed and take off their clothes.

Dani rubs and sucks on Elexis’s hairy pussy. Then Elexis rubs, licks, and fingers Dani’s shaved pussy. Then they get up on their knees and rub each other’s pussies. Then they lay back down on the bed and rub each other’s pussies, grinding their pussies on each other’s hands. Then Elexis gets on top of Dani and places her pussy on Dani’s pussy and they trib pussy to pussy. Elexis spreads open her pussy lips so her pussy gets more pleasure. Elexis looks really into it.

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