Brett Rossi, Emily Addison, and Taylor Vixen tribbing

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This clip was recommended by BoliElBoliviano, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. In this video Brett Rossi, Emily Addison, and Taylor Vixen have a lesbian tribbing threesome. The video starts with Brett and Emily laying naked on a bed shouting about how great it is to be in Hawaii. Then Taylor knocks on the door and she walks into the room. Taylor suggests the three of them walk down to the beach, but Emily pulls Taylor on to the bed and says she has a better idea.

Taylor and Emily start kissing and Taylor’s dress come off. Brett and Emily start kissing Taylor and kissing her body. Then Emily and Brett kiss before Emily lays on her back and Brett eats her out and fingers her, while Taylor rubs her clit and sucks on her boob. Then they start doing the triple trib, Taylor gets on Emily’s knee and Brett tribs her pussy against Emily’s thigh, while Emily tribs her pussy on Taylor’s knee, it’s like a tribbing merry go round.

They trib each other hard and fast like this. Then Taylor bends over and Emily eats her pussy, while Emily is bent over eating Taylor’s pussy, Brett is eating Emily’s pussy, like an eating out pussy train. They also finger each other in this position. Then the switch to Brett sitting on Taylor’s face, while she eats her out and Emily eating Taylor’s pussy at the same time. Then Emily starts fingering and rubbing Taylor’s pussy when they are in that position.

Then Emily and Brett put their butts in the air and Taylor fingers and rubs their pussies like this. Then Emily sits on Taylor’s face and tribs it while Taylor is eating her out and at the same time Emily is fingering and rubbing Brett’s asshole and Brett rubs her own pussy. Then they all lay on the bed and kiss each other.

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