Zoey Holloway and Chastity Lynn have hot sex

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This clip was recommended by David, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. In this video Zoey Holloway and Chastity Lynn have hot lesbian sex. The video starts with Zoey walking through the front door of her home. Chastity jumps up from the couch and starts complaining to Zoey how wrong it was to leave her babysitting her kids all night. Zoey does not say a word the whole time and walks into her room, Chastity follows and keeps complaining. While Chastity is complaining, Zoey takes off her dress and her bra and shuts Chastity up by kissing her.

They start making out and touching each other. They get on the bed and wrap their legs around each other’s, with their panties on. While they are in this position, they gently trib their pussies together in a tribbing of the knee position, while they both lay on their sides, in their panties. Then Chastity rolls on top of Zoey and softly she tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position, then she sits on top of Zoey’s lap and rides her pussy, they still have their panties on.

Then it looks like they stop tribbing for a second to rub each other’s pussies before Chastity starts tribbing Zoey in the tribbing of the knee position again, with their panties still on. After that, Zoey rubs, fingers, and licks Chastity’s pussy. Then Zoey gets on her knees and Chastity sits on her bent thigh and they trib their pussies together in this semi tribbing of the knee position. Zoey still has her panties on and Chastity does not. They trib hard and fat in this position.

Then it looks like Chastity fingers and rubs Zoey’s pussy and eats her out. Then Zoey rubs Chastity’s bare pussy some more. then towards the end of the video, the lay on their side and wrap their legs around each other’s. It looks like Chastity tribs and humps her pussy on Zoey’s upper thigh, hard and fast. Zoey seems to lay still and lets young Chastity trib away on her thigh.

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