Chantel Lace and Francesca Le trib aggressively

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This is a hard aggressive tribbing video with Chantel Lace and Francesca Le. They wrestle around the bed together tribbing hard. We already have a 4:00 minute clip up of this video called “Hard lesbian missionary tribbing”, but this is the whole video.

They start out standing up, getting naked and rubbing and pushing their big boobs together. Then they pull out a bed from the wall and start tribbing on it. They wrestle each other aggressively and trib each other at the same time. They trib missionary style, they ride each other, they trib in the tribbing of the knee position, the bump their pussies together in a standing trib position, while they are on their knees on the bed, they trib from behind, and they trib in the standard tribbing position.

They basically trib in every way possible, hard and rough. There are many great closeup shots of them tribbng and they both have hairy pussies. This is a great tribbing video.

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